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Patients’ rights

All records are made with the utmost attention to the security and confidentiality of patient data. The personal information provided to us through your preferred communication media is very secure and all personal information is stored in your patient’s personal folder.

Hospitals and clinics

We have collected the most modern and advanced clinics and hospitals dedicated to medical tourism. Most of the clinics and hospitals selected by SURGERY IN IRAN have received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and may be affiliated with Western medical departments and facilities.


    English-speaking physicians with international board licenses as well as highly specialized and skilled medical staff have always been our target. We are proud to say that our physicians are mostly in international medical associations such as the American Medical Association, the American Ophthalmological Association (AOA), the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, and the International Knee Surgery Association. Arthroscopy and Sports Injury (ISAKOS), (ESSKA), (ISKAST), European Cancer Society (ESMO), American Cancer Society (ASCO), American Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons.

Patient Safety

To ensure the safety and stability of patients, most hospitals used for medical tourism in Iran have performed several medical assessments with international standards and surgery is performed in Iran in the most equipped and modern clinics and hospitals.


We regularly update and change the content of our website and at any time we may delete or change the information, prices, or services provided by SURGERY IN IRAN or affiliate providers. Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee that all information or prices on the website are due to human error or software complete and accuracy.

Privacy Policy

These Terms and Conditions, “Data” means all data or electronic information, including personal data submitted by you through our Website and Email. You acknowledge and agree that in order to facilitate the provision of medical services to you, we must provide certain details of your personal information, including medical information or files that you provide to us, to authorized health care providers. Allow. You expressly agree to the transfer and disclosure of your personal and non-personal information to these health care providers. We may also use your contact information, including your phone number and email address, to contact you in the future.

Protecting users’ personal information is very important to us. SURGERY IN IRAN strives to protect your privacy and that of others who access the Website and use our services and facilities. We will never sell or share your information to any third party without your permission. The information we collect from our users is used only to facilitate the selection of desired destinations and treatment methods and to create the necessary trips for customers.

However, information sent over the Internet cannot be fully guaranteed as interception may be lost or altered. You understand and agree to accept security risks for any information you provide to us. We will not be liable for any information that is sent over the Internet and any other damages or losses in connection with the information that you have provided to us or to your healthcare provider or to any information provided by us, your healthcare provider or any third party Which comes to you through the internet

By providing surgery in Iran, the user agrees to any personal or medical information that surgery in Iran may send to third parties, and the user thereby disclaims responsibility for surgery in Iran. You must be an adult or have parental or guardian permission to submit a request or contact information on this website.

Terms of service

At SURGERY IN IRAN, we understand that you have choices. However, we believe that the quality of service sets us apart from other medical tourism service providers.

We select reputable surgeons and physicians who have been selected based on your treatment because of their high reputation for specific treatments.

We offer a wide range of first-class clinics and hospitals to choose from.

We will send your medical records to your chosen medical center for medical advice.

· We refer to SURGERY IN IRAN to request your visa permit at the same time as requesting your services.

· We help you book your trips to Iran, such as booking tickets, accommodation and transfers.

We assure you that we will receive you at the airport and assist you at any stage of your stay in Iran.

· We offer you a language translator.

We help you plan your recovery period as a tourist after completing your medical treatment.

Therefore, by providing services defined and tailored to your needs, we have defined our services below.

Online medical advice

You can be visited by reputable Iranian doctors at any time and place and raise all your concerns and questions and make the right decision to choose the right treatment.

You can also talk to several Iranian specialists to be surer of the outcome of your treatment and finally choose a surgeon for your treatment.

Treatment packages

All treatment packages offered by SURGERY IN IRAN are for one adult. Packages can not be combined or changed with any other advertisement or offer and prices on the website are subject to change without notice. The package is not interchangeable or replaceable with any other offer or cash value of the services provided in the package.

After initial pre-treatment consultations and evaluation of medical records, surgery in Iran will tell you the cost of the operation, which is valid only 30 days after the day the patient is quoted. However, if you receive a deposit, the quote will be locked for 3 months. The quote only includes detailed services. If unpredictable costs appear after a face-to-face consultation and after a medical examination before treatment or diagnostic report while you are in Iran, to obtain your permission and consent, it will be explained in detail. Before the operation, you have to pay the full cost of the operation/treatment in Iran.


The patient shall provide any tests such as blood, urine, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, colonoscopy, endoscopy, sample collection, and/or any related tests depending on the treatment procedure which doctor/surgeon has requested before travelling to Iran to receive the treatment. If for any reason this information is not provided and the patient decides to give these tests before a procedure in Iran and for any reason the tests are abnormal and unsatisfactory which leads to more tests or cancellation of treatment, the charges and costs of such tests must be paid in full and the treatment packages do not cover such charges.

Medical status / history

The patient is obliged to inform the surgeon in Iran about any previous treatment. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide medical records and reports of such treatments. If the patient has not provided or recommended such information about surgery in Iran and the treatment received is affected by such incorrect statements that lead to the cancellation of treatment or related tests, the cost of cancellation and testing is borne by the patient and must be complete. To be paid before leaving Iran

Personal information

The patient agrees that all given information are true. Such information is considered as medical conditions and reports and personal information. If a patient misrepresents himself/herself SURGERY IN IRAN is not responsible and the patient is liable for all legal fees.


Based on the patient’s requests, SURGERY IN IRAN is appointed on behalf of the patient to apply for a travel visa to Iran. The cost of issuing a visa to the patient’s country of citizenship varies at the time of application. The patient must provide accurate personal information for surgery in Iran. If the patient misrepresents himself and leads to the denial of the visa, surgery in Iran can not be held responsible for such false statements and the cost of issuance will not be refunded.

All information collected from a patient is heavily used for a visa and is made available to third parties such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and/or the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and/or travel agencies.

An e-visa is only applicable when the patient pays for the visa through any payment option provided by SURGERY IN IRAN and all information is collected and completed. If for any reason such as death or accident, war, sudden medical condition, cancellation of travel or any personal reason that the patient leaves the visa after issuing the reference number, the visa fee will not be refunded. Visa processing time is not guaranteed by SURGERY IN IRAN and this may vary by MFA.

The electronic visa is provided to the patient electronically and based on the patient’s request and citizenship, the visa can be issued at Imam Khomeini Airport or the country of residence and the visa issuance fee is paid according to the Iranian embassy in the country. Resident patient selected at the time of application. Upon completion of the application, patients who have a written application may request that the visa not be stamped in the passport.


The patient should not book a plane ticket until the electronic visa is issued and received by the patient. If for any reason the patient reserves a plane ticket and the electronic visa is not issued or denied, Iran Surgery has no responsibility for such penalties or payments and damages to the patient.


We assign our interpreters to our patients based on the language they speak. However, British, Canadian and US citizen’s interpreter is assigned by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and there is a daily charge of $80usd that the patient is responsible to pay. If the scheduled trip is to be changed the patient is to pay a penalty for the change of date. The interpreter assigned by MFA cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason by the patient or SURGERY IN IRAN.

The interpreter only accompanies the patient for services assigned by SURGERY IN IRAN, or else the patient must pay a fee for the excessive performance of the interpreter in addition to the cost of its procedure which the patient will be informed on the hourly or daily rate of the interpreter. The Interpreter cannot accompany the patient for more than a full 24hours due to employment laws and regulations of Iran. The interpreter assigned by SURGERY IN IRAN may be changed for any reason at any time without notice.

The transfer

Our transfer from/to the airport is done with the cars of our partner company. The type or condition of the cars is not guaranteed by surgery in Iran. Transfers between hotels/clinics/hospitals and other urban transfers may be made by any vehicle other than the one transported by the patient from the airport.

SURGERY IN IRAN provides transfer services to patients and individuals who have signed a contract before leaving for Iran. Each person who has not registered for the transfer and residence must pay a separate fee. If the patient has more than 2 suitcases or bags or hand items, the additional cost of transporting items with the patient and people accompanying the patient.

SIM card

The SIM card provided to the patient is packaged free of charge from SURGERY IN IRAN and the data and minutes uploaded on the SIM card are limited to the patient’s stay. Continuous charging of the SIM card is the responsibility of the patient and its cost. Minutes, text messages and data are under the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and any misuse of the SIM card is the responsibility of the patient and surgery in Iran is not responsible. Therefore, patient viewing and use of some websites are prohibited.

If the patient has travelled to Iran on a previous trip and used their mobile device, they may need to register and apply certain government fees, which are borne by the patient.


The accommodation chosen by the patient or provided in the treatment packages by SURGERY IN IRAN can be changed based on the following factors:

1. The hotel/accommodation cannot be changed or cancelled before the patient arrives. If the patient cancels his / her trip for any reason or changes his / her hotel or accommodation for any reason, the patient is obliged to pay one night or cancellation fee.

2. Surgery in Iran has stopped receiving hotel services with accommodation chosen by the patient or provided in the treatment package.

Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00. If for any reason check-in or check-out is not done on time, the hotel/accommodation fee will be charged and the patient will be responsible for these costs. In case of damage or use of usable services, the patient is responsible for paying damages and expenses before evacuating the hotel/accommodation.

Consultation / doctor visit

Based on the treatment method that the patient chooses, SURGERY IN IRAN offers three consultations before the physical visit in Iran.

. Company initial medical consultation (free)

. Specialist doctor visit (the US $ 35.99)

. Visit of a subspecialist (the US $ 45.99)

After the patient enters Iran, a physical visit is performed with the treating physician/surgeon/clinic, when special tests are scheduled based on treatment, and if the tests are accepted, the patient is treated and based on the treatment received, Patient See a doctor after treatment/surgeon/clinic. Surgery in Iran provides these details when consulting a patient when inquiring about treatment.

Treatment material/device

Each treatment may require the use of certain materials, such as cosmetic, orthopedic and dental implants, for example. Botox, fillers or any other substance or device that should be injected or injected into the patient’s body. These materials are usually discussed and selected during pre-treatment research, or if such information is not sent or received, the surgeon in Iran must select the material and its manufacturer or brand. If the patient decides to make any changes to these materials and/or devices, the cost of these changes is borne by the patient.

Nurse / Caregiver

If the patient needs an authorized nurse during recovery, the costs vary depending on the hour, day and services provided by the nurse.

A caregiver has limited abilities and only has to accompany the patient during recovery, and the costs are per hour or day.

The patient can ask the nurse or nurse to accompany the patient to the hotel/accommodation/clinic/hospital under certain conditions such as gender and the rules of the hotel/accommodation / clinic / hospital for a fee.


Meals are based on the patient’s appetite and the patient’s medical condition before or after treatment. If the patient needs some foods such as vegetarians, etc. or is sensitive to it, he must inform SURGERY IN IRAN in writing during the trip, and any costs incurred in such circumstances are the responsibility of the patient. SURGERY IN IRAN is not responsible for the patient’s meals during their stay in Iran unless declared and agreed upon by SURGERY IN IRAN and the patient.

Change the itinerary

The patient cannot be changed or removed in Iran at any time during the treatment program without the written consent of the surgeon. If the patient cancels during the treatment program, the surgery in Iran has no responsibility for the patient’s safety and health concerns and the deposit or the amount paid before the withdrawal will not be refunded.

Currency exchange

We offer an exchange of Euro or US Dollar at SURGERY IN IRAN rate in Iran. Only US dollar bills issued since 2013 will be accepted. If the patient wants to exchange USD banknotes printed before 2013, the exchange rate is lower than the daily exchange rate and the € 500 banknote is not exchangeable, please carry smaller banknotes.

Recovery rooms

Upon request, a recovery room is provided for all patients. After the patient is released for recovery, depending on the treatment the patient has received, there are a few options that the patient may consider:

1. The patient can be transferred to the hotel with the permission of a doctor or surgeon.

2. The patient can request to stay overnight in the recovery room and pay for the clinic or hospital.

3. The patient can request to stay overnight in a private recovery room and pay for it to the clinic or hospital.


SURGERY IN IRAN is not responsible for any allergies patient may overcome by taking certain medication a doctor or specialist prescribed or any weather or food allergies upon arrival, and or during a stay in Iran.


Our patients who will receive treatments from SURGERY IN IRAN will be issued complimentary travel insurance. To read and view the content of our insurance policy, please visit our insurance and guarantee policy page.

Payment / Deposit:

If a fee is paid for the VISA reference number and the visa is denied by the State Department (MFA) for any reason, the patient’s application fee will not be refunded.

The patient must pay an appointment in advance to the doctor, clinic/hospital.

The patient can make his payment on the website in two ways:

. Through the banking portal (with tax payment)

. Via digital currency (tax-free)

The patient is responsible for paying the bank transfer transaction fee (domestic and international) / online payment, which varies depending on the source of payments and the amount, which may be between 5 and 12%, is notified to the patient.

Refunds for cancellations less than 96 hours from a doctor or clinic/hospital appointment will not be refunded, except in emergencies such as accidents, deaths, flight delays and cancellations, or medical conditions or emergencies that require a refund. 20% of the administrative cost is allocated.

All deposits that are repaid are subject to a 20% administrative fee.

In case of reimbursement of unused services (previously paid and cancelled), the refund amount will be paid according to the cancellation policy as described above and the amount will be refunded to the person who provided the services. Be. Please note that the refund process may take 3 to 10 business days to complete the accounting and administrative process.

Commitment to surgery in Iran

Surgery in Iran is responsible for delays and program changes or costs incurred – directly or indirectly – due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accidents, machinery or equipment breakdowns, transportation breakdowns, weather, illness, landslides, political, Will not shut down or have any unwanted accidents.

We are not liable for any loss, injury or damage to a person, property or any connection with accommodation, transport or other services, directly or indirectly resulting from any action by God, hazards, fire, accident, machinery damage or Equipment, transportation defects, no liability, war, internal disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, theft, theft, pandemics, medical or customs regulations, defaults or other reasons beyond our control.

The signed documents for the participant/patient are binding after the patient/participant receives any amount and is a contract between surgery in Iran and the participant/patient.


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