Step-by-step guide to paying with cryptocurrency

1. Click on payment link which is end of this page

2. Click on BTC icon

3. Select USDT

4. Type amount that you want to pay (please notice that currency is dollar)

5. Copy our wallet address and paste it in appropriate place (also you can scan QR code rather than copy and paste)


6. Switch the button to agree then click buy

7. Type your phone number then click send code

8. Check the SMS on your cellphone and type 4 digit code which you got

9. Type your Email address and switch the button then click send code

10. Check your Email inbox and type 5 digit code which you got

11. Click on + for adding new card to pay

12. Fill the credit card information and click pay

13. After finishing payment, please take a screenshot of your payment transaction and send us using “upload payment confirmation” button


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