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With the rising cost of dentistry around the world, the demand for low-cost dental implants has increased. And this has made Iran enter as a destination for dental implants at a reasonable price compared to its other international competitors. However, this is not just about money, but the biggest reason why Iran ranks first in the Middle East in this surgery is the high-quality dental services it provides to its patients around the world.

Implant packages in Iran

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First Stage Of Dental Implants

First Stage Of Dental Implants
+3 Hotel (6 Days)

First Stage Of Dental Implants
+4 Hotel (6 Days)

First Stage Of Dental Implants
+5 Hotel (6 Days)


Clinic and physician visits, dental implant surgery in the clinic, postoperative care, recovery, and follow-up, electronic medical record
T. visa authorization code (note that the visa fee is a separate fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which is not part of this package).
Delivery from the airport, personal transfer from the hotel to the clinic/hospital and vice versa, leaving the airport

 The three-star to the five-star hotel is offered, preferably near a clinic or hospital

24-hour assistance, translator, SIM card, and internet

Your travel plan after arriving in Iran

Day 1) Arrival at the airport: Our guide welcomes you, then transfers you to the hotel. Arrival at the hotel Transfer from the hotel to the clinic; Visit doctor; Preoperative tests Transfer from clinic to hotel.

Day 2) Transfer from the hotel to the clinic; Preparation for surgery, a conversation between doctor and patient, review of demands; Perform surgery and postoperative recovery in the clinic; Get doctor’s orders

Day 3) Doctor’s instructions; Rest at the hotel, take post-operative medication, follow a diet and follow up with Atrina’s physician assistant.

Day 4) Rest in the hotel; Eat regularly, follow up with your doctor’s assistant.

Day 5) Rest in the hotel; Eat regularly, follow up through your doctor’s assistant; Transfer from hotel to a clinic; Removal of surgical sutures by a physician; Transfer from clinic to hotel.

Day 6) Transfer from the hotel to the company, surgery in Iran (Atrina) gives the patient a special gift, transfer to the airport; Start a permanent follow-up through communication channels.

+ Note:

  1. doctor visit may be on days 5 or 6, depending on the situation.
  2. In some cases where your return is a weekend, this step may not work.

Things you should know about dental implants in Iran!

If you doubt that you will travel to Iran or have another place to have your tooth implanted, we are writing this to give you a clear picture of such a procedure in Iran. These include reasons for choosing Iran as a dental tourism destination with the exact cost of dental implants and their stages in Iran and the like.


A dental implant is a metal device used to implant artificial teeth into a patient’s jaw. Dental implants consist of three parts.

  1. Crown
  2. Abutment
  3. Screws

The upper part of the implant is similar to a natural tooth.

The abutment as a fastener attaches the crown to the screw.

The screw acts as the root of your tooth and fixes the crown to the jawbone.


When it comes to Iran, the debate is over why many people around the world prefer to travel to Iran for dental surgery instead of surgery in another country.

In terms of cost and quality, Iran is a strong competitor in providing dental procedures for many Western countries as well as Asian countries. If you live in a country with a high cost of dental services, dental implants in Iran will save you money. This is very important even when having more than one dental implant and is cost-effective.

The quality of dental implants in Iran is an important factor that encourages people to choose this country as their dental destination.

In addition, studies show that there is high success for implants in Iran. According to a study conducted on implants in Iran, out of 2381 implants, 99.1% were successful and only 0.8% had a failure rate. Therefore, there is no need to worry about implanting your teeth when you return home.

Dental implant clinics and dentists in Iran

In Iran, dental implant clinics offer a full range of different dental implant methods. They meet all international standards and use advanced facilities.

Iran has a community of highly experienced and trained dentists who even study at prestigious American or European universities. Having a successful implant surgery depends on the experience of the dentist, as it is equally relevant to the science and art of the physician. Accordingly, choosing a country like Iran where there are very experienced dentists will help you to use this method with more satisfaction.


If you are curious to know more about your treatment method, this section is for you. Dental implant surgery takes about 1-2 hours. Local anesthesia is performed first, and if you want to have multiple implants, you may need general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

This procedure starts by inserting a screw into your jawbone. It takes about 2-4 weeks to get the screw in your jaw. The crown is placed on the screw after about 3 months. Depending on the condition of your jaw, these two steps may be performed simultaneously or in different sessions. Accordingly, some implant patients may perform their screw only in Iran, while coronation may be performed in their own country.

In addition, if your jawbone does not meet the requirements for receiving and maintaining an implant, a bone graft may be needed before implantation. If you undergo bone graft surgery, it will take two months for your jawbone to heal.


The recovery period of dental implants depends on many factors, including the number of implants and the condition of the bones. The process takes about 3 to 6 months. However, you can resume your normal life and return to work within 2-3 days after surgery.

During the first few days after surgery, you may experience pain, discomfort, and bleeding. Some patients also notice swelling around the implanted teeth. This will subside after a while and return to normal.


Although implant placement in most developed countries will cost you a lot, in Iran you can reduce your cost by up to 70%. The cost of a dental implant in Iran is $ 500 to $ 900, depending on the implant. The cost of placing a crown may add up to $ 100 to $ 150.

However, the same method costs around $ 1,500 to $ 6,000 in the United States, and $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 if planted in the UK, and $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 in Iraq, the UAE, Oman, and Turkey.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have several advantages over other options:

  • Being comfortable

Dental implants and crowns usually feel more comfortable than other dental devices. Implants feel natural and people usually have no problem eating or chewing.

  • Easy care

Implant-fixed dentures can be adjusted using flossing, brushing, and routine dental examinations.

  • Durability

Dental implants usually last for decades without any repair or replacement and the patient does not feel uncomfortable.

  • Easy speech

People who use dentures may have speech problems. In this case, the dentures are slippery from their place. But dental implants are firmly attached to the jawbone without making it difficult for patients to speak.

  • Strength

Dental implants are usually considered stiffer than natural, fully functional teeth.

  • Better performance

Implants work at their peak compared to your natural teeth, because they cannot create cavities. In addition, they do not affect neighboring healthy teeth or cause bone loss in the jaw.

Dental prosthesis

a prosthesis is an artificial body that replaces a body part that has been lost for any reason and tries to perform the functions of the lost part as much as possible.

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dental implant

A prosthesis is generally an artificial body that replaces a part of the body that has been lost for any reason and tries to perform the functions of the lost organ as much as possible. There are different types of prostheses, each of which is used for a body part, such as prostheses for hands, feet, eyes, teeth, etc. To make a prosthesis, a mixture of science and art is needed.

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Dental Laminate​

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Dental implants

The implant consists of a metal screw that is placed in the patient’s jawbone and is the root of the tooth and for the appearance of the tooth of a denture, it is placed on this screw and brings the real view of the tooth to the person.
As we said, dental implants consist of two main parts, which are: abutment and fixture.

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Orthodontics is a dental treatment that brings a healthier mouth and teeth, a more attractive smile and higher self-esteem. Orthodontics corrects the jaw and teeth and removes abnormalities such as overlapping teeth, front jaw, underbite, overbite, crossbite, etc.

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