Many people do not take their illness seriously due to traffic concerns and overcrowding in medical centers, and it must have happened that they have to go to medical centers for a short question about the disease or how to take medicine, determine the appropriate dose of medicine, and consult with a specialist doctor. We did or we waited for hours just to show our test sheet.

For example, for thyroid disease, every person must have a thyroid test every 5 years, and if a thyroid disorder is diagnosed, he must have a test at a shorter interval. Especially pregnant people should have a thyroid test before pregnancy and during pregnancy. This work takes a lot of time, so for ease of work, the possibility of accessing the thyroid specialist online has made it easier. By doing a thyroid test, the patient can show his test sheet online to the thyroid specialist through a video call or by sending a picture. give and be informed of its result and receive the appropriate dose of medicine and the way of taking it. And after the completion of the treatment period, he should consult a specialist doctor again to check the obtained results and, if necessary, to treat the disease by changing the drug dose or repeating the thyroid test. This continuity is done very simply and easily with online consultation. Without difficulty and wasting time and delay.

Sometimes it is not possible to access a specialist doctor that we want

Due to the distance of the centers where the specialist doctor is present

It is difficult to leave the house for the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women who cannot walk or wait easily.

However, diagnosing thyroid disease is an important thing to do, especially during pregnancy

The most important advantage of people using medical services online is not having such problems and concerns

To receive online advice, visit the

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