Beard implants in men

It is good to know a few things about hair banks and hair grafts

Beards and mustaches are implanted in men in several ways

Beard implantation in men by Super FUE method

Super FUE plus Men Beard Implantation

Benefits of Super Fue plus Beard Implantation

Costs related to beard implantation

Complications of beard implantation in men


Pre-beard care

There is no denying that having a thick beard has a positive effect on the appearance of men. But sometimes men do not have thick beards or beards with dense and uniform growth, and this causes their dissatisfaction with their face. In men, it can be easily removed and gives them a gift of beauty.

If you want to grow a beard but you do not have enough information in this field, do not worry. Just by reading this article carefully, you can find the right answer to any question you have in mind about beard implants. Stay tuned for more.

Short hair or beard hair loss in men can occur for a variety of reasons. Common causes include a lack of male hormones (androgens) or a lack of hair follicles due to hereditary and congenital hypothyroidism syndrome. Other causes include cleft palate, an accident that resulted in damage to the skin of the face, and a burn that caused the beard or mustache to disappear.

The implant is usually removed from a part of the body of healthy hair that has a high graft and healthy follicles, and by separating the follicles, they transfer it to the jawline or wherever it is needed and possible to grow. Hair on the back of the head is often used for eyebrow implants due to its high graft, which is more resistant to hair loss and damage.

Knowing that beard implantation is a specialized treatment method and to get a good result, you must be with a professional team is one of the important points.

It is good to know a few things about hair banks and hair grafts:

Beard implants in men

To be able to do hair, eyebrow, or beard transplants, we need a hair bank from which all grafts can be removed. It has high.

Hair grafts include one to four hairs along with hair follicles, some connective tissue, and so on. The unit for counting hair implanted in a beard or hair transplant is called a graft. Therefore, the number of hair transplants calculated is approximate and will be estimated based on the number of grafts implanted per person.

Beards and mustaches are implanted in men in several ways:

Beard implants can be done for all men who are not satisfied with the appearance of their beards for any reason. Beard implants are usually done from behind the ears and above the neck, which has softer hair.

This is done in two ways: the Super FUE method, Super FUE Plus method.

Beard implantation in men by Super FUE method:

In this method, the first stage is called analysis. In the analysis stage, the head of the implant applicant is scanned by super-advanced Super FUE devices, by which the amount of elasticity of the facial skin, the amount of blood supply to the skin, and the number of hairs required for implantation It is determined carefully. At this stage, great care is taken to obtain the depth of hair growth so that no damage is done to the hair follicle at the time of harvest.

In the next step, beautiful is asked to draw the desired design with the help of the relevant expert. Once the design is drawn, the area where the hair is to be removed, or the hair donor, is anesthetized. The donor area is the distance between the two ears. After anesthesia, a thin strip is cut from the donor, healthy follicles (hair follicles) are removed under a microscope, and the desired areas are implanted. The skin above and below the incised area is then sutured together.

In Super FUE beard implants, the wounds created for removal from the bank are very small and it will be possible for hair to grow from the scar, and it can be assured that the beautiful atmosphere will not face the risk of hair loss.

Super FUE plus Men Beard Implantation:

Super FUE Plus is a new method in implanting men’s beards and like the previous method (Super FUE), all stages of scanning and analysis are done from the cypress, but it is very different from the previous method. Hair removal will not be in the form of a strip from the back of the head and will occur without incisions and surgery.

In this procedure, the follicles are removed separately from the back of the head by precision instruments and separated under a microscope. In the last stage, healthy follicles separated by Diamond blades, which are embedded in the Plus device, are implanted in the applicant’s beard. In this method, because it is performed with minimal invasion and there is no news of wounds, bleeding, and stitches, implantation is called a non-surgical method.

Each planting method has its advantages, knowing these benefits is not without merit and will help you in your decision to choose the type of planting. Here are some of the benefits of Super FUE Plus beard implantation.

Benefits of Super Fue plus Beard Implantation:

– This method uses smart and advanced Super FUE devices that can scan and identify thick and multi-rooted hair that is very suitable for implantation in men’s beards. The hair is removed and placed at the implant site without the slightest damage to the hair roots. This method causes density in the planting

– In this method, there will be no need to cut from behind the applicant.

– In this method, because beard design is done by advanced devices, it creates the most natural type of implant in a person’s appearance.

– Because anesthesia is done without a needle and with a device, so the person will not feel any pain when injecting anesthesia.

– In this method, it is possible for the implanted hair to grow faster than the old methods. And up to 6 months after planting, you will see a thick beard.

Costs related to beard implantation:

The cost of implants depends on several factors, for example, depending on the area that requires hair transplants – the type of techniques used to remove the graft – the amount of experience and expertise of the doctor, all costs will vary. Of course, in addition to these costs, the cost of preoperative testing, post-beard drugs will be added to the above costs.

Complications of beard implantation in men:

Beard implants in men

The results of beard implants in men are permanent and the person’s face will be significantly different from before the implant. But to get a definite result, you have to wait 7 to 10 months to see the best results.

However, beard implants, like any other cosmetic procedure, can have side effects. These side effects are temporary and go away. For example: in the first week after implantation, there is a possibility of itching – inflammation – swelling in the lower parts of the face. It is possible that the donation site and the implant site will be anesthetized, which, as we have said, will be temporary. 2 to 3 weeks after implantation, there is a possibility of hair loss and it will happen again.


The minimally invasive method of beard implantation is a treatment method and when performed by an experienced and specialized doctor in a reputable clinic, not only will it not cause any side effects, but it will also bring beautiful atmosphere satisfaction.

Pre-beard care:

Avoid taking medications such as aspirin for at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Avoid taking gelofen before surgery.

Limit alcohol and tobacco consumption before planting.

– Because caffeine consumption increases bleeding. Avoid caffeine on the day of surgery.

– Because vitamin C enhances the healing process, do not forget to take vitamin C a week before planting.

Finally, we answer the important question of whether transplanted hair can be repaired.

The answer is yes. Transplanted hair grows like natural hair and can be trimmed and trimmed.

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