Hair transplantation by fit and fut methods

Natural hair transplant method fut

Advantages of fut hair transplant method

Disadvantages of fut hair transplant method

fit natural hair transplant

Benefits of natural hair transplant fit

Hair removal in one session

Comparison of these two methods in different fields

Combination hair transplant method

Natural hair transplant method fut:

The fut method is a standard and suitable method of natural hair transplantation for men and women who have lost their hair for some reason or have baldness. In this method, the maximum number of hairs can be extracted in one session and transplanted to the desired location.

In the FUT method, with a cut that is made to the back of the head (donor) and a strip of hair is removed and implanted in the desired location, the possibility of hair loss is reduced and in the future more than 80 or 90% of the hair If you want to know which planting method is right for you, stay with us until the end of this article.

Advantages of fut hair transplant method:

Covering the scar or scar at the hair transplant site with longer adjacent hair

Having a natural appearance, at the site of hair transplantation and not sinking and not highlighting the scalp

Possibility of extracting the maximum amount of hair and implanting it in the bald area

The most natural hairline grows on the front of the head

Possibility to repeat hair transplant sessions once every six months

Ability to extract body hair if needed and use it for hair transplantation to the head

Disadvantages of fut hair transplant method:

The possibility of scarring and scarring in the back of the head

Reduce the volume of the hair bank so that the possibility of using it only for a maximum of twice is reduced.

Bleeding a lot

It is not possible to do this procedure for those whose scalp does not have enough flexibility (expansion).

Postoperative complications, including swelling of the head and face, pain or scarring, and scarring

fit natural hair transplant:

Natural hair transplant method fut

For hair transplantation in this way, a small punch is used to remove hair follicles from donor areas (which have full and dense hair) for implantation in areas with short hair or baldness. The fit method is a minimally invasive method of recovery. And the recovery is short and the result is positive. This implant method is more suitable for people with mild to moderate baldness.

In the following, you will become more familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this planting method.

Benefits of natural hair transplant fit:

Ability to remove and extract more hair in several consecutive sessions

It is possible to perform this procedure in applicants who are not operated on for reasons such as scarring and scarring, small area of ​​the donor area, or lack of willingness to have surgery.

Possibility of performing this method for applicants with low hair density in the donor area

Very little bleeding in this procedure

In this method, there is no need for dressing or special care of wounds and scars.

Disadvantages of natural hair transplant method fit:

Relatively long time required to perform this procedure

Possibility of damage to the donor area during harvesting with a special punch

Hair removal in one session

In summary, we present the main advantages of these two methods:

The main advantage of natural hair transplantation by fut method: creating the maximum number of hairs at the transplant site

The main advantage of natural hair transplantation by the fit method: leaving no linear scar in the donor area and faster healing

Comparison of these two methods in different fields:

Link quality:

In the fit hair transplant method, the follicular units are extracted directly from the donor area by the doctor, and the follicular units may be damaged and cut during removal from the scalp. Because only the upper part of the follicle is directly visible.

In this method, the possibility of damaging the follicular units due to more incisions in the area of ​​their protective layer is more than the fut method.

If the incision is not deep enough in the skin, the follicular units can come out without the most important end part of the follicle. All of these factors reduce the quality of grafts or damage them, which makes the grafts more fragile and grow less.

Use of hair bank:

In fut hair transplantation, the donor strip is removed from the middle of the permanent section of the hair bank.

However, in the fit method, the area of ​​extraction and extraction of follicular and graft units is wider so that more grafts can be extracted.

In the fit method, one out of every 5 follicles can be removed in a specific area. In the fut method, all the follicles are removed by a doctor.

Wounds and scars in the hair transplant method are small, but these wounds remain open until they are repaired, leaving hundreds of small scars, which, of course, are not easily visible and recognizable, but their effect causes external The follicular units around them will become normal and make it difficult to perform subsequent sessions.

But in the fut method, the scar left after completing several steps becomes very small and becomes a line.

Oscar in the donor area:

As mentioned, fut and fit hair transplants differ in several factors, and scarring in the donor area is no exception.

In the fut method, the hairband is removed from the middle part of the donor area, and after suturing the edges of the wound, the wound is closed with a vertical scar, which is usually thin and linear, of course, if the applicant’s hair is very short. It is visible, but normally this scar is covered by adjacent hair and is hidden from view.

Possibility of hair growth:

In this method, due to the extraction of follicles from the head by punching and without surgery and the invisibility of hair roots when removing the grafts, there is a possibility of damage to the hair follicles and approximately 40% of the implanted grafts will not be able to grow. , If in the fut method about 100 of the grafts will grow.

Efficiency and beauty:

The fut natural hair transplant method is more beautiful than the fit natural hair transplant method and has the possibility of higher efficiency and results, but instead, it is a bit heavier than the fit method.

Duration of hair transplantation process:

The operation time will be five to seven hours in the fut method and seven to ten hours in the fit method.

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When the scalp is loose and loose, it is not possible to cut the ribbon from the donor area, and in this case, we use a hair transplant using the fit method.

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Combination hair transplant method (combination of both fut and fit methods)

The fut method may be applied to the patient at first, but if in subsequent sessions the scalp is too stiff to remove the graft strip or the scar in the donor area is too large, in the first case the treatment method can be applied in the sessions. Next, change to the fit method, and in the second case, the fit method can be used to extract the follicular units and implant the units inside the large scar. In this case, the scar will be covered with the patient’s hair.

Conversely, this happens when the fit method is used for the patient first and the efficiency and result are very low and the doctor determines to use the fut method to perform the rest of the hair transplant operation.

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The point to note is that if a person wants to use the fut hair transplant two or more times, the scar left over from the initial operation when the hair donor strip is removed for the second operation is removed and disappears.

For this reason, apart from how many times the applicant has performed the fut operation, only one scar remains on his skin.

On the other hand, in fit hair transplantation, small, white, scar-shaped scars remain on the skin in large numbers, which in any case, even with a person’s short hair, will not be easily visible.

For this reason, this method is popular among applicants who have very short hairstyles or cut their hair regularly.

Note that if you are looking to do the second or third step of a fit hair transplant, small, small scars from later stages will remain next to the scars left over from the early stages, and this can cause the follicular units to deform. Be around and the difficulty of doing the next steps follows.

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