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Who are the right candidates for eyebrow implants?

Steps of natural eyebrow implantation by FUT method

Necessary care before eyebrow implantation

Eyebrow implant care

The recovery period after eyebrow implant surgery

Complications of eyebrow implant surgery

The difference between hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures today. The eyebrows are located in the central part of the face and have a great impact on the beauty of the face. Eyebrow implantation is suitable for people who have thin or broken eyebrows in the eyebrow area or drooping eyebrows. Today, thin eyebrows are not as attractive as in the past, which is why many people do this cosmetic procedure to thicken their eyebrows.

One of the common tasks to show thick eyebrows in the past was tattooing, which is done today with names such as hatching, micro bleeding, micro pigmentation, etc., but the fact is that these methods not only do not give beauty to the face but also cause other They also become natural on the face and can also be dangerous due to the use of chemical dyes and it is difficult to remove them completely. Therefore, it is better to research the advantages and disadvantages of any cosmetic procedure.

With cosmetic eyebrow implant surgery, you will be able to shape your eyebrows to your liking. You will not need to be hospitalized for eyebrow implant surgery because only local anaesthesia is used.

In this article, we intend to provide information about the causes and factors of hair and eyebrow loss, natural eyebrow implantation steps, post-eyebrow care, postoperative recovery period, and so on. Causes and factors of hair loss and eyebrows

Usually, ageing, infectious diseases, behavioural disorders, cancers and chemotherapy, physical injuries, allergies, genetic factors, thyroid disorders, hormonal changes and deficiency of some minerals such as iron in the body cause hair loss and eyebrows. Lack of water can also be another cause of hair loss in the human body.

The use of certain medications such as birth control pills, anticonvulsants, weight-loss drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and psychiatric medications can lead to hair and eyebrow loss.

But in general, poor nutrition can be considered the most important cause of hair and eyebrow loss. The deficiency of some vitamins such as vitamin E and B vitamins can cause hair loss and eyebrows.

To supply vitamin E, you can use a variety of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc., as well as a variety of fruits containing antioxidants. Cereals such as rice and barley can be good for you to get B vitamins.

Another treatment is the use of fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. Consumption of protein-rich foods can also have a significant effect on improving hair conditions.

Who are the right candidates for eyebrow implants?

Here are some things that make a person a good candidate for a natural eyebrow implant:

The appropriate age for eyebrow implants is 30 years and older.

  • The applicant must be in good general health.
  • People who do not have hair on their eyebrows due to disease or are congenitally suitable candidates for eyebrow implants.
  • People who have lost all or part of their eyebrows due to burns, fractures and other injuries.
  • People who have enough and suitable hair banks.

Steps of natural eyebrow implantation by FUT method

Eyebrow implantation is a cosmetic procedure in which hair is transferred from the back of the head to the eyebrow area. In eyebrow implantation, the goal is to grow new hair from these grafts and give your eyebrows a fuller and fuller look. The steps for eyebrow implantation are as follows:

  1. Eyebrow design according to the taste of the beautiful

In the first stage, the beautiful eyebrow is done according to his taste and in consultation with a doctor.

  1. Extraction of grafts

At this stage, after the injection of anaesthetic, the required hair is removed from the back of the head and behind the ears and neck. The reason for this is that the hair in this area is more compatible with eyebrow hair and like delicate eyebrows, thin and the follicles are single hairs.

  1. Preparation of grafts

At this stage, which is a very important stage of eyebrow implantation, the follicles removed from the back of the head are divided into individual units by a team of specialists using a microscope.

  1. Implantation of grafts

At this stage, to prevent infection, the eyebrows are disinfected and after anaesthesia in the eyebrow position, eyebrow implantation begins. For eyebrow implantation, grooves are made inside the eyebrow design using fine razors, and the prepared follicles are implanted inside these grooves.

Necessary care before eyebrow implantation

For your eyebrow implant to be successful, you need to be prepared to do it. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking certain medications. Here are some tips to help you get ready for eyebrow implants.

  • Stop taking any blood thinner such as aspirin before having a natural eyebrow implant.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or cigarettes the day before eyebrow implant surgery as it reduces the effect of local anaesthetic and reduces blood flow to the skin. Smoking can also negatively affect the growth of implanted eyebrows and weaken them.
  • Be sure to shower before eyebrow implant surgery because you cannot take a bath until a few days after surgery.
  • Get enough sleep and rest the night before surgery.

Eyebrow implant care

For a better result than eyebrow implantation, after eyebrow implantation, some points should be observed. Some of these tips are:

  1. At least 3 days after eyebrow implantation, water should not come in direct contact with the eyebrows.
  2. When bathing, you should avoid direct contact with water with your eyebrows.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise and physical activity for at least a week after eyebrow implantation.
  4. Use medications and ointments prescribed by your doctor regularly and carefully.
  5. After a few days, the implanted eyebrows start to fall out, so do not worry because, after about 3 to 9 months, new hair will start growing again.

The recovery period after eyebrow implant surgery

It is best to research all aspects of any surgery and get comprehensive information. One of the most important things you need to know about any surgery is the postoperative recovery period. As important as surgery is, recovery and postoperative care are just as important. Especially in the case of eyebrow implants, 50% of the success of the operation depends on subsequent care.

The recovery period of eyebrow implant surgery is short and simple, and after the operation, you may have only a slight bruising, redness and swelling around the eyes and eyebrows, which is completely normal and disappears after a few days. Complications of eyebrow implantation disappear up to three days after surgery. Since eyebrow implants do not require anaesthesia, you can return home after the operation and resume your daily activities after 2 to 3 days. After a few days, the implanted hair falls out in the eyebrow area, which is normal, and in fact, the hair enters the dormant stage, and after a few months, new hair grows. It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions in this course.

Complications of eyebrow implant surgery

Fortunately, eyebrow implant surgery is one of the least dangerous surgeries and has very few side effects. As we said, you may have some bruising, redness and swelling after the operation, which will go away after a few days, but the body reaction of different people is different. You may also have some itching on the eyebrows that have been implanted due to hair loss.

The difference between hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation

One of the most important factors in the beauty of eyebrows is eyebrow hair transplantation and for their sleep, something that may not be very important in hair transplantation. The angle of the eyebrow hair should be such that it sleeps perfectly on the face to give more beauty to the face. Another difference between eyebrow and hair transplants is that multi-strands are used in hair transplants, while single hair is used in eyebrow transplants.


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